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Your suggested title doesn’t give any better indication as to whether the piece is “truthful” or not.

I take creative liberties, as should any good writer because a good story matters more than telling the exact truth (which is often boring). This was based on a compilation of experiences so on some levels, it contains more “truth” than most: a condensed truth, if you will.

But again, had this been the “gospel truth,” I’m not sure why you think I am personally responsible for giving psychoanalytically approved advice to someone younger and less experienced than me. That’s not my job. (Can you imagine telling Kerouac that he shouldn’t promote drug use so freely? That he has some duty to the youth to uphold? And no, I’m not comparing myself to him.)

And I don’t think “screw the reader.” It’s not that adversarial. I just don’t write with the reader in mind since it completely impedes and often kills creative impulse/flow. It’s a comedic piece, that’s all.