Of course you don’t, and although I didn’t ask, I could tell from your article that you lean left…
Lance Winslow

I do believe in truth and I want to hear where these fake stories are coming from. That’s why I can’t believe people, even Trump, saying that millions of illegals are voting when there’s not true.

You sign up to vote with your driver’s license or state i.d. So you have to be a registered citizen to vote. That interview was Obama confirming that process — when you are a citizen, you can vote. He was not telling illegals to sign up to vote, because that isn’t possible. You aren’t able to register to vote if you are not a legal citizen.

Trump’s claims that millions of illegals have voted is just not true. And him saying it — or anything he says that isn’t true- doesn’t make it true because he says it and everyone echoes it.

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