7 things I did to reboot my life.
Wil Wheaton

What I love about this site and others like it is that I get confirmation every time of our connectedness. Is that a word? Anyway Mr. Wheaton thank you for writing my story too. I have yet to find the solution to my procrastination when it comes to my creativity and it puzzles me. I never feel better than when I am turning a piece of fallen wood into the creature it now wants to be, or making some pretty jewellery, or sketching one of the critters that hangs out at my place (deer, bear, cougars, the occasional moose). But I put it off, play computer games, find other things to do. I have decided it has a lot to do with my lack of belief in myself and my talents…I built a beautiful art studio on my land and when I saw it finished my first thought was “this is an artist’s studio, what am I doing here?” And then of course, like you, there is Depression. I live on 5 acres of gorgeous land, with a house nearly built and the aforesaid studio, a view of the Salish Sea and Vancouver Island and my wonder dog Koda to keep the bears and cougars at bay…..one might wonder what I have to be Depressed about right? Me too.

P.S. I looked it up, yes it is a word, but you already knew that didn’t you?