I dreamed Donald Trump was president
Sasha Stone

Now this article I liked Sasha…not because you were bashing Trump per se, but because you brought out so many important points about the entire race, including the sexism rampant in our country, and inherent it’s leadership structure (and in fact, our entire country). You have hit the nail on the head as far as Trump’s popularity with the populace, as well as the reason Hillary is so much under fire by her rivals on the Beltway. But there are those of us who have been around much longer than you, watching BillHillary for decades, and simply do not trust her…as much as I feel she is very qualified to be our President, and would love to see a woman ascend to the highest office in our land, she is not the one I choose. I am backing Johnson, a former Governor in my state, and another known quantity to me, whose stances on the many issues facing our country I agree with. However, unlike Hillary, he is not duplicitous and does not have the track record of lying under oath that both Bill and Hillary have. I did not vote for Hillary in the 2008 Primary either, because I didn’t trust her even then. Sorry to disappoint you in your hero worship of Hillary.