Making his wife watch and live out her fantasy

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In the building next to where I work is this incredible little Italian takeaway cafe. Normally in big cities, food places at the bottom of office buildings or in food courts make tasteless gruel because adding flavour potentially turns off some customers, but this place is run by a real “Nonna”.

Augustina has run this small little eatery for about 14 years — I know this because it opened a week after I started at my law firm.

I have eaten there three times a week for the entire time and cannot even begin to count the number of times…

Folding his girlfriend into our regular life

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It’s been over six months now since my husband, Jamie, overcame the problems he was having with erectile dysfunction. Things on that front are actually really good — no relapses and his overall sex drive is slightly higher because of the increased testosterone that he’s on.

About a month after his recovery, he started seeing Melanie.

Our situation has been complicated over the years because of his injury and subsequent erection issues, and then I discovered my own sexuality and increased sex drive during that period.

When it looked like he was going to recover, I made him aware that…

It doesn’t get any easier when it’s a side relationship

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I spent most of Sunday laying in bed naked at Agnes’ place having what seemed like almost unending sex with her.

We would engage with each other in one way, one or both of us would climax, we’d relax, and within moments, we’d be moving on to something else.

It was hedonistic to the extreme. Purely driven by lust and pleasure, we spent hours covered in a fine sweat and our sexual secretions as we kissed, licked, sucked, and touched each other in ways that we’d come to discover over the last several months brought maximum enjoyment.

Underneath all of…

Dealing with yourself or your partner having sex with other people

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Affairs. Polyamory. Don’t ask, Don’t tell. Hit and Runs.

The idea of someone in an existing committed relationship having sex with someone outside of that relationship tends to be quite a polarizing topic for most people, but at the same time, the potential points of view are incredibly diverse.

Over the last decade, my views on monogamy have changed dramatically.

Actually, it’s more accurate to say that over the past several years, I’ve taken a position on monogamy, because previously, I just had this reflexive idea of what was acceptable in a relationship and how I understood marriage and committed…

We met online and he wanted me to put on a show for him

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One of the things about my sex life outside my marriage is that it has always tended to be very opportunistic.

Part of the excitement and thrill for me is not just the sex, but the whole build-up of running into someone, feeling that spark, and then seeing where it leads us.

In fact, I’ve often met a man in a setting, know that he’s checking me out or at least attracted to me, and then pushing the boundaries to see how far I can get him to go.

Needless to say, in talking with some male friends over the…

It’s been a long time coming

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I’m writing this on a Wednesday morning as I eat a sandwich between meetings while still working from home, for now, the 8th consecutive month.

For the past few months, I openly admit that I’ve been finding this situation really quite stifling. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that it’s been bad for my mental health, but it hasn’t been totally awesome either.

I’m not naturally the most outgoing person in the world. My basic instinct trends towards being shy and somewhat reserved. …

I had no idea until my mother spilled everything

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Until about three months ago, I had always looked at my parents as being the epitome of committed, marital monogamy.

The way my mom and dad look at each other after 42 years of marriage is beautiful and kind of sickly sweet at the same time. You can see just how much they love each other even still just by the glances and smiles they exchange in passing when they think nobody is watching.

My mother and I have a very open and candid relationship, so I know that despite her being 68 and him being 72, they are still…

Missing out on the hottest launch of 2020 so far

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I should have been angry.

I bought a brand new Nvidia RTX 2080ti back in late July when I built my new gaming rig. The version that I bought set me back about AUD$1500.

When I was building out my parts list in June, the specific card that I bought was largely considered the best one on the market for cooling and noise performance, and despite the pandemic causing shortages, this card was in stock everywhere in Sydney.

I knew that Nvidia was going to be releasing their next generation graphics cards in September or October, but aside from a…

Is watching the next step in my sexual evolution?

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It was Thursday and I found myself sitting in the cafe after picking up the girls from school, having a coffee and muffin with someone I’ve known for three decades and who is now having sex regularly with my husband, Melanie.

Things have moved fairly quickly down this path.

Even before it happened, I had become comfortable with the idea of my husband having sex with other women. I would have been a monster hypocrite had I objected considering the journey of sexual debauchery that I’ve spent the last five years exploring.

I was a little annoyed that he started…

It totally caught me by surprise

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For years, prior to my husband’s injury, we led a very mundane and somewhat below average sex life.

I’ve spoken about this before, but neither myself nor Jamie (my husband) were very horny people within the boundaries of our particular relationship.

Even when we were dating, sex was kind of a thing we did sometimes in amongst hanging out.

In fact, looking back on it, I can’t remember a single time where we went out of our way to have sex — it pretty much just happened when I’d stay over at his place after we’d gone out somewhere by…

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