Mine are: Use your strength to serve others

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I have quarantine fatigue.

It seems a luxurious problem to have during this pandemic. Perhaps it is.

But the relentless dailiness of my life has become an endless haze of work and meals and chores. The heaviness of my days is further clouded by the throbbing hangover from the restless nights.

When I lay my head down, my mind is troubled by swirling images of the dystopian reality that resides just beyond my doorstep. And then, a series of disparate questions plague me to further disrupt my sleep.

Is Disney World really closed?

Are there actually refrigerated trucks parked outside…

And why we need to do this more than ever

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We’ve long known that relationships are essential to overall well-being and happiness. So while we obey guidelines and shelter in place, we need to commit more than ever to social connection.

Social distancing does not have to mean social disconnection.

We can use this time to reach out to those we’ve missed during the hectic pace of our daily lives as well as deepen relationships with our family and friends. We can strengthen our resolve during this uncertain time by finding new ways to socially connect with:

1. Video Chats

Welcome to Khadijah’s Love Café

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Khadijah is busily cooking dinners for what she hopes will be almost 20 people. She has carefully set up sterno trays along her dining room table. She is preparing turkey wings, parmesan encrusted salmon, fried fish, beef short ribs, baked macaroni and cheese, and collard greens, just to name a few. Meals are packed and served with a choice of corn bread or a dinner roll. She had named her business “Ken’s Kitchen” after her daughter, Kennedi, and titled the menu, “Soul Food Sundays.” …

That I think can help you too

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I never expected that I’d be publishing a book let alone offering anyone writing tips.

It was difficult enough just living with a heightened sensitivity to the emotional lives of others. The only thing that could possibly make it worse was to write about it, and have readers criticize what I wrote.

It made perfect sense to me that writers I admired used to casually talk about suicide attempts over drinks, and inevitably put guns to their head or silenced their voices with carbon monoxide poisoning.

A writer’s life can be a raw and painful way to live. As I…

That will protect your time — not give you something else to do

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There are unique slights and stressors that come with the awesome responsibility of being a teacher that can sap your energy and lead to burnout.

But the truth is all professions are fraught with difficulties. As Mark Manson writes, “Everything sucks, some of the time. What unpleasant experiences are you able to handle?” So, I think the real question teachers must ask themselves is: “Do you love teaching and working with students enough to endure the difficulties inherent in the profession?

If the answer is yes, here are five practices you can try to help you focus on the rewards…

From a closet dreamer who has only just begun to dream

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He says there are no accidents. He says the universe is always speaking to us, and all we need to do it listen.

I am very practical. I can find a reason to explain away all of the coincidences that he thinks are the voice of the universe.

Maybe you can help me here.

I used to be much better at explaining everything away. Being with him has made it harder, sometimes impossible.

I know that life doesn’t make sense, but it’s easier for me to sleep at night when all of the round pegs fit into the round holes…

And she hopes her story will help

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If you had Maria as your server or bartender, you might envy her bright eyes, pretty face, and confident stance. She is twenty-nine years old and very slight, but her vibrancy and enthusiasm defy her tiny stature.

Yet there’s so much more to Maria, more than you would ever imagine. I will spare you the most brutal details, although no one spared Maria.

I will tell you enough, so you’ll always remember:

Everyone you meet has a story, and you don’t know anything about it.

To chronicle the abuse Maria endured as a prisoner in her own home in Pakistan…

It’s not what you think

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In so many classrooms, there lives a teacher who with every subtle move and phrase, exudes compassion, respect, and a love of learning. In these classrooms, the teacher gently guides students as they engage in the important work which will lead them to becoming the best version of themselves.

It is also true that with information available at the touch of a finger, lectures that have been reduced to mini-lessons, and direct-instruction nearly replaced by more personalized learning, it begs the question:

What exactly do students need teachers for?

The answer is: Everything.

In a first grade classroom, a teacher calmly takes lunch orders, and effortlessly sings…

Teachers need a better story — and it includes students

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Many teachers begin their careers with visions of themselves as Robin Williams reciting Walt Whitman in Dead Poet’s Society while standing on a desk. At the end of their careers, they may imagine themselves as Richard Dreyfus in Mr. Holland’s Opus conducting an orchestra of former students performing an emotional rendition of his final opus.

And why wouldn’t they?

Teachers are often lauded as heroes with superpowers who can magically transform struggling students into wildly successful high achievers. The allure of this myth can be a heady brew.

According to educator and author Cornelius Minor, “the problem with this narrative…

Beth Pandolpho

Trying to make sense of the world one word at a time. Teacher, writer, storyteller. Author of “I’m Listening” https://amzn.to/2vSVJrR

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