Date Night

I went on a date tonight. Those who know me know, I never date. Not even a little bit. Those who’ve tried dating me especially know this. But, nonetheless, I went on a date tonight.

Dates are super awkward.

He’s very charming, and an absolute sweetheart. I paid for my meal, which was okay, because I’m a strong, independent woman. He’s also very popular, although he can be a bit abrasive at times.

I was absolutely blown away by the amount of attention we got. Here we are, as I’m eating my food, and people aren’t afraid to walk by and make comments. They say things about how good he looks, how cute he is, and how nice he is. He must be famous, because I’ve never before went out with someone who has received so much attention.

Yeah, it’s not fun when this is the guy you’re dating.

Then it hit me: I’m on a date with my dog.


I started thinking, why is it that people feel free to walk by dogs and constantly talk to them, or about them and be so vocal about it? People never walk by other people and just go up to them and say “HI! OH MY GOSH LOOK AT YOU, I’M SO EXCITED THAT YOU EXIST!” And why not?

More importantly, why should they? Dogs don’t typically hurt people. They’re not malicious or unkind, unless they are trained to be. People are generally kind to dogs, and dogs respond to that. Humans, on the other hand, are creatures who are malicious, rude, and insensitive to others. This makes us cynical, brash, and uncaring. We are all a product of our environments. If what we’ve learned through life was unkind, we will, in turn, be unkind. If our environment was nurturing and caring, we, too, will be nurturing and caring. The reason we don’t walk up to other humans and act like they’re our best friends is because humans are judgmental. Nobody can be so sure of the response he or she will get from another human, but they’re generally sure that dogs are going to be happy to receive the attention, regardless.

Except this dog.

I think we all need to stop sometimes, and take a lesson from mans best friend. We do not need to be unfriendly or unkind to one another, and a lesson in humanity would go a long way. Why are we not more capable of treating everyone like a fellow human, and a friend overall? Why do we constantly stab our friends in the backs in the name of personal gain? Dogs don’t need to do that. Dogs just want to give and receive love to everyone. That’s why I don’t date, at least not humans.

This is how I react when I’m propositioned for a date. Run away, guys.
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