Fundraising, the Power of Social Media, and More Importantly Wonderful Humans

Well humans once again amaze me and prove once more what a wonderful species we really are, pulling together to help others whether we know them or not.

A while ago I went an evening of spiritual mediumship, I am quite open to the spiritual and the possibility of being able to talk to those who have passed. It was a fab night, the medium was entertaining, empathetic, and seemed to get details that she could not possibly have guessed, certainly the people who received messages became quite emotional and shocked by the level of detail and information provided.

The evening I attended was a charity event, which made me think about organising my own charity event ……. in aid of Bowel Cancer UK of course. I approached the medium at the end of the night who was happy to help and all free of charge, the only catch was that she was fully booked until the middle of 2019, well with my prognosis I could not guarantee being around then and if I am, being well enough to run the event. I explained my situation to the medium and she immediately said “let’s find a date sooner then” and she did.

So I had a date, I needed a venue, I put the feelers out for ideas on Facebook. Very soon I had a venue, at a very much reduced rate, the venue was in the perfect location and held up to 230 people.

Next I needed some raffle prizes, another quick post on Facebook and local businesses came up trumps with some amazing prizes, I had over 30 prizes in the space of a few hours, some with values of up to £250.

Then I needed to advertise, Facebook again was the obvious place, as well as Twitter and Instagram. I also to get to people who were not on social media, my local Prontaprint offered to print some flyers for free, this was after the medium had supplied the artwork and designed the flyer for me. I traipsed round local businesses asking if they would display some flyers, and I am happy to say I had an amazingly positive response.

Finally I needed some volunteers to help out with making refreshments, taking money on the door, selling raffle tickets, etc. Well I didn’t even need to ask for volunteers, friends stepped up and asked what they could do to help and what time I needed them there.

Last night was the night that the medium, the amazing Becs who is based in Harlow spread her magic in aid of Bowel Cancer UK, and we raised an amazing £2,187.55 which I cannot wait to hand over.

I cannot thank everyone who made last night possible enough, Becs for well being Becs, Sawbridgeworth Memorial Hall for an amazing venue, local businesses for providing such wonderful prizes and helping to promote the event, my friends and family for helping me out on the night, everyone who attended and supported the night. Anyone I’ve forgotten, I’m going to blame chemo brain….its real I promise……and say I’m sorry and I can assure you I do appreciate you.

Well done you wonderful humans for helping to raise such a fabulous sum in aid of a wonderful charity and being part of helping to stop people dying from Bowel Cancer.

I hope you’re all ready to do it again in the not too distant future, Becs and I are plotting…….watch this space……