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Most startups begin with an idea. After the idea comes months, sometimes years, of development of the product. The Learn Startup looks at this missed opportunity and strives to develop a better, more efficient way to work. The Lean Startup is a book and methodology created by Eric Ries. This scientific approach looks to create and manage startups and help them get their products to customers faster. It shows entrepreneurs how to be more innovative and more successful. …

While a chronic disease diagnosis will undeniably alter the way someone lives, it cannot completely stop them from living. Being prescribed a lifetime of diagnostic and therapeutic activities can be overwhelming. It correlates to countless days, weeks, even months spent at the hospital, doctor’s office, pharmacy, therapist, etc., not including the time scheduling and driving to these various appointments.

While the frequency and time spent seems excessive with the relentless burden of chronic disease management, there is, in fact, a lot more time in-between those visits than spent within those visits. …

The field of bioelectronics is an amazing landscape. I may be elbows deep in this research everyday, but that doesn’t mean I’m not surprised at the way emerging technologies continue to transform patients lives everyday.

Take a look at this case study. For those of you who don’t read scientific journals for fun, here’s my readers’ digest summary.

This study follows a boy who started having epileptic seizures at the age of 12. A few times per week, he would experience seizures that would result in a headache followed by a loss of consciousness for a new minutes.

On top…

It happens all too often. A patient visits his or her primary care physician hoping to find a treatment plan for an illness and leaves the office with a prescription to visit three different specialists who will treat the various ailments. While each specialist may diagnose and treat the patient in the manner they find to be most beneficial, often times the treatments, when combined with others, do not align.

Today, nearly half of all Americans suffer from a chronic condition. One in four of Americans suffer from at least two. These conditions are rarely singular and often produce a…

The Future of Operating Rooms

This article was originally published on Beth’s Website.

Today, the healthcare industry stands at a turning point. As we look towards the future, the horizon is dotted with impressive discoveries from the medical technology community. From a sponge-filled syringe that can seal a bullet wound in less than a minute to developing 3-D models of living human body parts, technology continues to solve healthcare challenges in innovative ways.

People are living longer lives because of these advancements, and there’s no doubt that we’ll continue to steer our energy to this avenue that has potential for exponential impact. We’re in the…

Patient recruitment remains of the largest challenges facing clinical trials. How do you find the right subset of patients? How can you help keep them focused during the process?

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Beth Rosellini is a highly experienced medtech professional, working independently as a MedTech Researcher & Angel Investor. http://BethRosellini.com

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