Bristol so far

It’s been about 10 weeks since I first came to Bristol. I’m still currently living out of a suitcase and topping-and-tailing in a single bed at the mo but this should change in a week or 2 when we can move into our own place.

So far I feel like I’ve done more in 2 months here than I did in 6 months in London. I’ve been to 2 plays, a gig, a footyball match, a bhangra dance lesson, a ceidlh, climbing loads, walks, bike rides, and lots of pubs and restaurants. Though saying that, I feel I’ve barely scratched the surface!

My plan is to write weekly about my adventures here, mainly as a document for myself to remember that life is not all about work but also as a sort of lifestyle “blog” about Bristol and why, if you can’t move here you should at least visit.

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