My vegan recipe of the week

The fishless finger sandwich

I’m so glad that Quorn are starting to make vegan products. When I first started veganuary I thought “meh this’ll be easy. I’ll just eat quorn everything.” Turns out most quorn is not vegan… dammit!

But now they have Fishless Fingers that *are* vegan and they taste just like the real thing. The recipe is so simple…

  1. Cook as many fishless fingers as you want/need
  2. Put it with the bread of your choice (obs check the packaging that there’s definitely no milk or eggs in it- or alternatively make your own!)
  3. Chuck a bit of leaf. I used watercress as that’s all I had (how very middle class)
  4. Put on as much sauce as you like. (Seriously when I found out tomato ketchup was vegan I jumped for joy)

Whoever said that being vegan meant being healthy?!

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