Missguided are one of many recent online fashion brands and they follow all the latest styles and trends to deliver the best fast fashion to us as customers. Missguided use a range of the most popular methods of marketing their brand across the world and into our homes and here’s how;

Missguided make the absolute most of social media as they know it is the key to marketing to a young audience and they do this by posting the most exciting pictures and posts to grab your eyes as a consumer. Missguided entice all of you young fashion followers by the means of Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter and many more and they include many promotional offers and vouchers using social media posts in order to really persuade us. An example of a promotional offer/voucher which Missguided posted on all their social media pages was the ‘Holy Snap!’ which asked their followers to tag themselves with #IHEARTMISSGUIDED in their latest buys and enter the competition for the chance to win a £50 voucher. Was you one of the unlucky enters? It breaks my heart to say I was…

Anyway, back to it!

Missguided also use the more personal method of marketing their brand to us and this falls under email and text. When you sign up to websites such as Missguided you’ll often find they ask you for your email and mobile phone number and later in the process of signing up to the website they will usually ask if you would prefer to be contacted with any newsletters, offers or updates via email or SMS. This is so they get our permission for them to contact us and it is also so they know which method of contacting you is likely to be the most successful. If you’ve ever received an email or SMS from Missguided you’ll notice they have a very personal touch. By this I mean they ensure they make us feel like we have a relationship with the brand and company and this makes us as customers feel more welcome. I receive emails from Missguided as opposed to Text Messages and at the start of every email I receive Missguided always start it off with something like a friendly ‘Hey Beth!’ or ‘Hey Girl’. This not only adds that personal and welcoming touch as I explained previously but it adds a hint of humour to it all which is never something to complain about. Again, with the promotional offers and discounts Missguided also make sure we always know about any offers and another thing which Missguided does to go that one step further into enticing customers is sending out birthday emails/SMS inviting customers to buy from their website with birthday wishes and 10% off!! Oh, how they like to treat us…

So, all in all, Missguided sure have their Marketing Mix down to a tee as they sure know how to rope all of us fashion followers in!

Thank you for reading, Beth x

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