Betmatch Unique Features

Sports betting is not just an entertainment for fans, but an entire industry with its own rules. For a long time, all the bets came through bookmakers and specialized exchanges, and the betters were a relatively small group of people. However, the development of digital technologies has taken online bets to a whole new level. Since the betting appeared, anyone can bet on one or another outcome of the game without leaving home. And digital currencies have made this process even easier. Cryptocurrency payments attract users by their decentralization, anonymity, lower commissions and speed.

It made us think about the creation of the betting house where everyone plays by rules and everything’s fair and transparent, where the players feel comfortable and safe. As we always vote for innovations and non-standard solutions, we’ve launched the first blockchain solution for bookmakers by RevelDevelopment called Betmatch. It allows players to bet against each other and the house to use cryptocurrencies with customer trustless fund storage, execution, and bet payouts. Today we will tell you about unique opportunities Betmatch platform offers.

Public Liquidity Pool

Unlike traditional betting houses, such operations as bet execution, payouts, deposits and storage of customer funds are performed via a decentralized network. As Betmatch is completely transparent and dedicated to the community platform, the liquidity pool (the entire system’s non-user funds) is stored in a truly decentralized way.

Social Betting System

Social betting system is a unique innovative system of serving players, analysts, and Betmatch platform itself. In fact, any person that can influence the betting industry may be involved in it. What benefits does it provide for players, analysts, and Betmatch? For players, this kind of model gives the opportunity to significantly lessen betting commissions as compared to traditional betting houses. And also it allows using a proven, trust-based social betting service. As for analysts and other people, they will have a chance to direct and monetize their skills by influencing their subscription base. And thanks to this system, Betmatch will be able to significantly reduce marketing costs and to scale the business in an easy and fast way.

Community Profit Share

As we have mentioned before, we are devoted to our community. That’s why our priority is to build a community-driven system, not just a private business. The business model offers an automated and trustless profit. Thus it puts a true value into the ecosystem.

Fund Storage & Payouts

How does it work? The customer deposits in the system. And there’s no need to transfer money. In fact, the betting house or any third parties cannot influence funds, bet execution, and payouts because these processes are carried out automatically with the help of smart contracts that provide trust, safety, and accuracy within the system.

We believe that the unique opportunities we offer will have a reasonable range of perspectives on the future of the decentralized betting space. With the blockchain’s immutability and transparency, and our fresh ideas we aim to create a comfortable private space for the players to place a bet.