Betmatch Weekly Report

As you already know, Betmatch is a unique blockchain solution for bookmakers by RevelDevelopment. It is the result of our profound work on the blockchain technology, which we decided to integrate into the betting business in order to create an innovative instrument for betting businesses, which could work around the world. Betmatch team has designed a strategy that comprises a multilateral development of our blockchain solution. In order to achieve prosperity, our ambitious platform adheres to the strategy and steadily improves Betmatch platform in various aspects.

Our development team constantly improves Betmatch MVP, which gives our users an opportunity to test the services we provide in real life scenarios. We provide possibilities to place bets on various sports, such as football, boxing, ice hockey, tennis, handball, basketball, and e-sports, which include Starcraft, Dota 2, Counter-Strike: GO and others. We also decided to introduce American sporting events to increase diversity of sports people can test on Betmatch MVP, and extended the functionality of user personal account on the MVP. From now on, users receive detailed information on the bets they place, such as bet type, time and date of the game, name of the event and outcome, coefficient, result of the game, amount of your bet and possible gain.

Thanks to our continuous promotion on different channels, such as media and participation in a number of blockchain- and betting-related events, the composition of our core team expanded these past weeks. At this moment, Betmatch core team includes Ivan Chebotaiev (Chief Executive Officer), Walter Komarek (Chief Investment Officer), Raphael Spannocchi (Chief Technical Officer ), Bernardo Brites (Head of Partnership), Vasily Sumanov (Chief Research Officer) and Markus Huber (Chief Operating Officer).

Also this week some changes in composition of our team took place. Pavel Litvyakov, our CBDO (Chief Business Development Officer) made a decision to leave Betmatch project in favor to working on his personal projects. He decided to concentrate more on them and told us that to his deepest regret, he will not be able to devote so much time, attention and energy to the Betmatch project as he did earlier. Every passing day Betmatch solution is developing, gaining new momentum and requiring more emphasis, hard work and undivided attention from all members of Betmatch team, which he unfortunately cannot provide anymore. In addition, Pavel explained that he saw a slightly another way of Betmatch’s development which does not always coincide with other team members’ perspectives. However, we are grateful for his cooperation and wonderful ideas. Pavel is a great specialist and we are sure that all projects he works on will certainly become successful!

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