Cryptocurrency Role in Betting

That’s not a surprise that the betting industry, which always keeps pace with the innovations, has started working with the cryptocurrency. If you want to join the cryptocurrency world, all you need is to have a computer with an Internet connection. And you will forget about the cash and bank cards problems for good!

Nowadays, cryptocurrency is really a unique invention. This tool allows you to conduct financial transactions without the risk of any outside interference. Yes, there might be some skeptical opinions about the ease of fraudulent schemes using cryptocurrency, but you will agree that the most disappointing thing is when your bank accounts are blocked because of, for example, mistakes of the executive service.

Anyway, there are many people among professional betters who effectively use cryptocurrency and have high hopes for it. They claim it has a wide variety of benefits such as:

- Anonymity 
All crypto-currency transactions are completely anonymous. From the available information, one can see only the numbers of the wallets from which and to which the digital currency is transferred. Moreover, the owners of the wallets are registered under nicknames and do not indicate any identification data.

- Fast Payments
All transactions with cryptocurrencies pass through a decentralized environment — the blockchain. Accordingly, the funds come directly from the owner’s wallet to the operator’s wallet, bypassing any intermediaries. Banks do not participate in the process: they do not check transactions and do not hinder money flow. As a result, all operations are carried out much faster than you can expect.

- No Commissions
 Since banks do not operate with crypto-currencies, they are excluded from the transaction process. Consequently, they cannot take a commission for conducting such operations. And this significantly reduces the users’ costs.

- Opportunity to Check Payment History
The blockchain contains records of all conducted transactions. Therefore, if there are some baffling situations, the conflict parties can always check all the data about the operation carried out.

- Wallet Protection 
The owner’s crypto-currency wallet is securely protected. Frauds will not be able to reach out the funds if they do not have a password. A complex identification procedure brings all their efforts to nought.

- Worldwide Access
Using the cryptocurrency, players from any country can participate in betting. Any crypto-currencies are issued not by the state, but by the users themselves, so anyone may place a bet.

- Impossibility to Freeze the Wallet
 The state has no right to freeze cryptocurrency wallets because they do not store fiat. In addition, the wallets themselves are created without the involvement of government agencies.

As for BetMatch, it introduces the native XBM token that gains value inside BetMatch’s infrastructure and system. Anonymity, convenience, minimal commissions, high speed of replenishment and withdrawal of money is what betting industry really needs today. If you want to take a shot in betting and diversify your experience in this industry, XBM token will definitely be the right choice for you.