The Future of Betmatch

Betting industry is currently undergoing a lot of changes due to social and technological developments in the community. Although the betting market is shifting toward online channels, and even allows players to use cryptocurrency alongside fiat money, it still possesses many disadvantages both for the players and for the betting houses themselves. Players face issues with depositing and withdrawal of funds, high commissions, lack of trust toward the bookmakers and sports analysts. Betting houses suffer from complexity and cost of marketing for user acquisition and further servicing their financial needs. Taking into consideration all disadvantages of traditional betting solutions, our team developed the idea of a modern betting house — Betmatch.

Betmatch is a unique decentralized betting solution that combines traditional betting business model with modern technologies, such as blockchain, cryptocurrency and smart contracts. Betmatch also offers an original social platform for betting-related community that allows customers to develop personal business of the basis of Betmatch and receive a share of its profit in reward for social activity on the platform.

We have come a long way since the beginning of Betmatch concept development. For less than a year, we managed to design the main idea of Betmatch, analyzed its relevance and viability, developed Betmatch MVP, designed the concept and model of a unique XBM token, entered cooperation with a strong and experienced partner from the betting business and acquired full legal support from a team of professional lawyers. But all that is just a beginning.

Our plans for the nearest future include several significant stages. On September 15, 2018, we are going to launch Betmatch MVP and give members of our community the possibility to test our platform with the help of special test tokens. In this way, our users will be able to see the advantages of Betmatch betting with their own eyes. We will also give users a chance to take part in a special program to win XBM. Shortly after MVP launch we are going to start a number of token sales:

· Private pre-sale

· Private sale

· Public sale

During the sales 500 000 000 XBM tokens will be available for purchase. The following currencies will be accepted during the sales: ETH and BTC (they will be accepted according to ETH/BTC exchange rate).

Fifty percent of funds raised during the token sales will be allocated to public liquidity pool. The existence of Betmatch liquidity pool will give players the possibility to place bets on the desired team with the desired rate and have the guarantee to receive money in case of winning. Unlike other betting houses that use peer-to-peer betting, where in order to win money, players not only need to place a bet, but also to have other players place the bet on the opposite result, Betmatch offers a guaranteed bet and a guaranteed winning. And it will provide the winnings in the currency the bet was placed.

After the token sales, we plan to focus our attention on marketing and technological development. We are going to enter cryptocurrency exchanges with Betmatch XBM tokens, raise awareness about our cryptocurrency and improve the Betmatch brand recognition. We are expecting to launch marketing and promotion programs in Europe, Asia and South Africa and increase the sphere of Betmatch influence in these regions of betting market.

In order to become the obvious choice for the majority of players, our team pays great deal of attention to developing and improving technological side of the platform. We plan to design and launch mobile applications on Android and IOS to raise accessibility and user-friendliness of the product and let our users bet and win on the go, at any place and time.

Our team also has great interest in enhancing security and transparency concerning bet execution and payments while using cryptocurrencies without smart contracts feature. It is well known that only Ethereum blockchain has smart contracts feature that allows automatic contract fulfillment, which cannot be influenced by the third party or the betting house. Our development team works on designing the equivalent of smart contracts on other blockchains, such as BTC, EOS, NEM, NEO, TON and others and discusses the possibility of implementing this technology with developers of EMERCOIN and EOS.

We anticipate that all the effort put into the Betmatch project will result into having 400,000 players on our platform and generating $91 million profit in 5 years. If you want your share of profit, don’t hesitate and register on our platform right now!