The Two Tap Rule

Few months ago, at a panel on Davos, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer just said she and her teams have come up with a new design rule to make sure every app they build is “fast, responsive, and beautiful.”

They called it: “two tap rule.”

She explained it:

Once you’re in the app, is it two taps to do anything you want to do?
If yes — the app is a go. If no, it’s back to the drawing board.

Inspired on this rule I conceived a mobile app called Zindr. Zindr is a content curation app with poker card UI and Tinder UX.

I’ve defined Zindr as a fun way to read hacker, design and tech news presented as a deck of cards. Swipe down to keep or read later. Swipe up to discard an article. In the future (if I have time, money and interest) the app must learn about your preferences and show you only the content that interests you.

I made this as a personal experiment, as a personal tool. The reason: Many news and few time. That’s why I’ve curated some of my most treasured sources such as Hacker News, Designer News, Product Hunt, Dribbble, Growth Hacking or TechCrunch, mixed with a fast and intuitive way to red.

Here you have a video of the app.

I shared this app with few friends and they encouraged me to share it with the world. The stats showed me that those 6 friends did thousand of swipes weekly. It was amazing to see the Google Analytics every day.

So, I won’t publish it yet in the App Store. But if you want to test this app and you have iOS 8, you’re done. Just let me know in this form.

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