I am grateful for the opportunity to run this race with you

Thank you for your help in winning the Democratic primary tonight in our campaign to represent Texas in the United States Senate.

I am grateful for the opportunity to run this race with you over the last year, and I’m looking forward to the work ahead.

Over the next eight months, I will continue to do what you’ve asked of me. I will visit with Texans wherever they are, in every part of the state — without regard to party, geography, or anything else that might otherwise divide us. We’re going to do this the right way — taking our direction from the people of Texas, from every walk of life, to do the important, ambitious work that the country is waiting for.

We’re going to strive to ensure any of us looking for work will be able to get the training and education that is critical to a good-paying job; to support every kid’s ability to get a great public school education; to lead on immigration and the environment, to support our service members and fulfill our commitments to our veterans. And we’re going to make sure that everyone can see a doctor, a therapist, afford the medication that will allow them to lead a better life.

When we kicked off our campaign nearly one year ago, the political insiders told us we didn’t stand a chance. But together, we’ve shown them what’s possible when you reject politics as usual and put your trust completely with people. The latest polls show us within striking distance of the junior Senator from Texas, and we’ve already out-raised Cruz multiple times with grassroots donations alone, without taking a dollar from PACs.

Today we learned that Texans turn out in record numbers when we campaign in a way that focuses on the problems and opportunities of real people — not corporations or special interests. Let’s keep it going.

Thank you for being a partner in our big-hearted, people-powered race for Texas. We couldn’t do it without you.