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Beto O'Rourke
Oct 9, 2018 · 3 min read

The Guardian just published a lengthy article about Beto and the kind of grassroots campaign that you’re helping us run across Texas — a no-PAC campaign that is for everyone, everywhere, every single day. At the very end of the article, the journalist talks about meeting a 21-year-old named Sebastian in the small town of Gonzales where he works as a cook in a family business. Asked about Beto and Ted Cruz, Sebastian said he hadn’t heard of either. “To be honest, to me it doesn’t really matter,” he said.

Beto, Cynthia and I were talking about his comment in the van yesterday while driving to Houston and we all agreed that this November is too important for Sebastian and any Texan not to know what we’re fighting for, what’s at stake, and why this election really does matter. But we also agreed that it’s not on Sebastian to reach out to us. It’s on us to reach out to him.

So we looked up the restaurant where he worked, found their phone number, and gave him a call right then and there from the van. With Sebastian on the other line, Beto had the chance to personally introduce himself, take the time to outline the issues we’re hearing about across Texas, and ask Sebastian what’s on his mind. It turns out Sebastian wasn’t yet registered to vote. Beto let him know that he only had one final day to get registered with TODAY being the voter registration deadline in Texas.

But you know Beto, so you probably know that he wasn’t done. He immediately got on the phone with Zack, our field director, and asked if we could get someone from the team out to help Sebastian register. Sure enough, Zack got in contact with one of our amazing field managers, who got in the car and drove 70 miles to Gonzales to personally deliver Sebastian a registration form, and then give him a ride to the post office to mail it.

Every single vote matters when it comes to winning this historic election. We can’t write anyone off or take anyone for granted. There’s just too much on the line. That’s why Beto has spent the last few weeks visiting more than a dozen college and university campuses. That’s why he has been driving across the state to each of the 254 counties. And that’s why we all need to do our part to make sure EVERYONE we know is registered to vote before the end of TODAY, October 9.

We got Sebastian registered and brought him into our campaign. Now we need you to take a moment and find that person in your life — your son or daughter, sibling, significant other, roommate, co-worker, teammate, friend — who isn’t registered and help them register today. There isn’t another day to do it before the election of our lifetimes.

Verify your voting status and register to vote:

Recent polls show us in an extremely close race. But close enough won’t be good enough on election day. We have to win. And in order to win, we have to make sure everyone in our lives is registered to vote. With today’s voter registration deadline, it’s our last chance to do that. Thanks for taking a moment to make it happen.

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Chris Evans
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