New book: Media Production Research

Advancing Media Production Research: Shifting Sites, Methods, and
Politics_(Global Transformations in Media and Communication Research — A Palgrave and IAMCR Series),edited by Chris Paterson, David Lee, Anamik Saha and Anna Zoellner

We are pleased to announce the publication of this exciting new
anthology which explores challenges to understanding the nature of
cultural production and presents innovative new research approaches and
improvements to old approaches, such as newsroom ethnography. The aim
of the book is to enable a clearer, fuller understanding of the workings
of journalism and other forms of media and cultural production through
rigorous examination of the research process.

“Reaching back to production researchers’ root concerns with media
power, the contributors indeed ‘advance’ conversations about
research into the ways media power has diffused to new workplaces,
contexts, and workers. The special focus on methods gives readers a
buffet of options when considering their own research projects.†
(Vicki Mayer, Tulane University, USA)

“As the field of media production research widens, the need for
comprehensive work to guide us grows. This truly international volume
therefore provides an immense service.”

(Mark Deuze, Director, Research School for Media Studies,
University of Amsterdam)

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