Lessons from incubating a human #2: I don’t need a whole new ‘maternity wardrobe’

Image credit: http://www.fashionillustrationtribe.com/

I’m not a slave to fashion. Like most people I want to be presentable (and occasionally want to look very good!) but that’s mostly as far as it goes.

Unfortunately, bare-belly-overhanging-trousers doesn’t really count as “presentable”, especially in the office, so the moment my bump started to sneak out below t-shirts I was in trouble.

A few of my jeans did still fit at this stage, and I didn’t want to spend a fortune on a huge maternity wardrobe for just a few months so…

Enter item 1 — the belly band:

New Look Maternity 3 Pack Bump Bands from Asos.com

These genius tubes of fabric are wider at one end than the other, meaning they smoothly cover bump, hiding any bare belly and allowing you to wear your regular tops.

These fit me all the way through pregnancy (and will hopefully hold in the post-partum belly too!), and were only £9.99 for a pack of three from New Look.

They came in black, white and navy so they worked with many of my t-shirts, but occasionally I missed a splash of colour. Thankfully ASOS came up trumps again, with a twin pack of ruched vest tops:

ASOS Maternity Vest With Ruching, Nude and Petrol

These were 15% off, so came in at £10 for the pack and were very versatile and flattering. The ruching means the fabric gathers over a small bump and spreads out as you get bigger, so you can just buy your normal size.

Eventually there came a time when my jeans just wouldn’t do up any more (despite a handy hair tie trick giving me a few extra weeks!). This time I waddled down to Mango and found some loose fitting elasticated waist trousers for £29.99.

I bought a pair in peach, one size above my usual size, and they were so comfy I went back to buy some navy ones. They had a drawstring tie as well as elastic, so I’m confident they’ll still fit when I’m back to my regular size one day.

Unfortunately they’re no longer in stock, but the ones pictured below are similar:

Mango loose trousers

Finally, there were days when I wanted to feel a bit more feminine, so I returned to ASOS to try out a few dresses. This black and white spotted one wasn’t exactly a wallflower, but was comfy, extremely flattering on my boobs, and reduced to £18 — bargain!

ASOS Maternity Spotty Dress

So, with 5 new purchases, a nifty jean-expanding trick, plus existing tops, jackets and cardigans I created a capsule wardrobe to wear in the office through the whole of pregnancy. All for less than £1o0:

  • Belly bands (3 pack) — £9.99
  • Ruched tops (2 pack) — £10
  • Loose fitting trousers (x2) — £59.98
  • Maternity dress — £18

TOTAL: £97.97