[AIRDROP]⚡️ Electronero Pulse ⚡️

The ETNX/ETNXP Hard Fork Takes Place on Block 500,000

Reinventing anonymous cryptocurrency by combining the best features of leading CryptoNote coins into a new blockchain.

Electronero Core team has been looking for ways to improve everyday since our launch. We’ve realized that there are just some inherited issues from the parent fork that need to be dealt with head on. The supply is the first issue brought up. So, we’re drastically reducing the supply on ETNX, and as a result of a chain split during an upcoming hard fork a new coin ETNXP Electronero Pulse will be formed…We as Electronero are a hard fork of Electroneum, ETN is our shared genesis, but we hold no ties to the ETN development or any of the founders and we object to most of their decisions. And so Electronero Core team a unique operation, we have built a segregated alternative and have operated with many complex implementations such as flexibility of ring signatures, Cryptonight Fast algorithm, camel emissions distribution, many attack mitigation tactics, mobile interactivity, most of all user support to a growing world wide community.Both ETNX Electronero and ETNXP Electronero Pulse have support from participating exchanges, the community, and the core development team. Solid plans have been put in motion for both.“

Supply & Emission

Total supply ETNXP: 100,000,000,000 ETNXP token supply after the hard fork.

Coin symbol:ETNXP

Coin units:

electroneropulse = 1.00000000 ETNXPtokenXP = 0.10000000 ETNXPomegaXP = 0.01000000 ETNXPalphaXP = 0.00100000 ETNXPkarmaXP = 0.00010000 ETNXPshiftXP = 0.00001000 ETNXPelectronero = 0.00000100 ETNXPnoXP = 0.00000010 ETNXP

Hash algorithm: CryptoNight_MSR (CN_FAST, cn_variant 4)

Block time: 60 seconds

Emission scheme: Electronero Pulse’s block reward changes every 6-months following a “Camel” distribution (inspired by real-world mining production like of crude oil, coal etc. that is often slow at first, accelerated in the next few years before declined and depleted). However, the emission path of Electronero is generally not far apart from that of Sumokoin.