BetRobot — 6% daily telegram offered up to 180%

I would like to present you a new Telegram Bot which runs since 03.03.2017

Currently there are about 5000 members of the BetRobotNews Channel (@BetRobotNews). The admin seems to be a German, since the support (@BetRobotSupport) sends all news in German.

The investment plan

is simple. We can invest from 0.02 BTC. You gain 1% every 4 hours, so you on a daily basis 6% comes up , we 180% have recovered. BEP is reached after approx. 17 days.

We receive a total of 180% return and thus 80% reingewinn since our investment is included in the returns.

Example: For an investment of 1 BTC we get back 0.06 BTC daily until we have 1.8 BTC together.

Deposits and withdrawals

Only via Bitcoin

You can withdraw your income at any time. 
However, starting with a minimum of 0.01 BTC. 
Payouts are made manually within 24h. There are small fees!


By clicking on Reinvest you can reinvest your balance. 
This means you can now decide whether your profit a) pay off or b) newly invested.

Since this is then a new investment, your upline gets the corresponding referral bonus.

The minimum is 0.02 BTC.


We receive 15% on all deposits in the 1st line in the second line 3% and in the 3rd line 2%.

[Click here for registration]