Facts About the BetRobot

Q. How long will BetRobot last?

A. BetRobot support advised me they make their money & profits from surebets and do not require money from new referrals to pay out old members. Google “Surebets” to learn what they are and how they work.

They also advised me they already have a 2-year business plan already in place!

Keep the faith and GO FOR IT!

Q. Do you know who the company owners are?

A. Nope, I don’t, if you find out who they are then please let me know! Again the company support advised me that they have to remain anonymous as if the bookies found out who they are they would shut all their accounts down!

Q. Is there a company website?

A. Nope, this is all App based on your smartphone, & works in the telegram app! Web sites are so last century!

Q. How can I trust the company will last and pay us and will not disappear with all our money?

A. You can say the same question about any and every company out there! You have to have faith and give them a test. If it works and pays and keeps working and paying then keep investing and building. I’ve personally invested over $35,000! It’s all about belief and positive mindset. But why would a profitable company shut down and disappear when they continue to build profits like crazy?

Q. I sent money and it’s cleared through blockchain yet it’s not showing in my BetRobot account?

A. We are seeing lots of questions with members using blockchain, the best advice is to remain patient it will show in time and or use another bitcoin wallet.

A. I’m religious, Am I gambling?

Q. Nope, your INVESTING in a company. The company pays you a 6% profit daily. The Church INVESTS in company’s that use gambling to generate profits. This does not mean the church is gambling. It’s not, again it’s investing.

Q. Lots of people said it’s a SCAM!

A. Delete, Block and ban them! You don’t have room for negativity in your life! We are not in the convincing business! We are in the sharing business! I can assure you my sponsor did not have to convince me!

Q. Do I have to be a paid investor to earn referral commissions.

A. Nope. But it’s best to invest yourself for the real ultimate belief and proof this amazing business works! I personally invested over $35K!

Q. How much did you start with?

A. I started with $130 worth of bitcoin as this is all I had at the time, but with hours I soon invested again and again and compounded ALL my profits, I also added another €1,000 and. Ow just 17 days in, invested over $35,000!!

Q. I sponsored someone and they don’t show up?

A. Support advice is that they must have clicked another link and they won’t adjust the matrix.

Q. How do you get so many referrals? (I’ve got over 4,220 in my first 17 days!)

A. I have over 20+ years in Internet Marketing making hundreds of millions of dollars in sales and creating team organizations of over 300,000 people. For me to explain all that I know in a few sentences is impossible so that’s why I created a new book called The90DayChallenge where I teach and show you ALL my secrets, methods and systems.

Q. What’s the best strategy to earn the most money in the shortest possible time?

A. It’s a simple business. The more you invest the more you earn. I’ve personally invested over $35K in my first 17 days. That’s TOTAL COMMITMENT and BELIEF.

As soon as 0.02 BTC hits your account hit the REPURCHASE button IMMEDIATELY! This ensures your maximizing your profits in the shortest possible time, and money will love you for it!!

Einstein said the most powerful way to make money ever is to COMPOUND YOUR PROFITS! In other words, use the money you’ve made to make even more money!

Q. How long do you personally believe BetRobot will last?

A. I believe in the company and what they say, it works, it pays, its INNOVATIVE & it’s EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!! if you don’t believe then best get out and not join.

Q. Why has betrobot taken off so massively fast?

A. Pays 6% daily! 1% every 4 hours! Pays HUGE 3 level referral payment plan 15%, 3, & 2%! You don’t just get the commissions once you get them EVERY TIME ALL YOUR REFERRALS REPURCHASE!!

Exciting, unique and innovative platform all on your smartphone! It’s so COOL!!!!!!!!!!

Pays instantly DAILY in BITCOINS!

Now Simply join the BetRobot>>> CLICK HERE


The first thing you will need to do is to get Telegram for you mobile phone or computer.



Now Simply join the BetRobot>>> CLICK HERE