FAQ Frequently Asked Questions about BetRobot

How does BetRobot work?

The BetRobot works with so-called SureBets and was launched by a certain Mister X. After losing no more losses for over 3 years, he went public with the BetRobot in March 2017 . Behind the BetRobot stands, of course, not only a person but a whole team .

With the so-called SureBets it is i mmer possible as the winner of a bet go out, regardless of the outcome of the wager. How it works? Look at this here look around. You will be wondering if that’s so sure, why does not everyone? The difficult thing about SureBets is to find this at all . This is only possible with years of experience . And Mister X, the founder of BetRobot, brings exactly this experience. Through the always successful SureBets , Mister X and the BetRobot can guarantee us 6% return on a daily basis ! You do not believe it? Then join the community ,

For further questions, please contact the community.

Is the betrobot legal, how long does he keep, how can I be sure?

Since Mister X has invested the money demonstrably, this is not an illegal system, Pronzi, pyramids, or snowballs. The BetRobot would continue without us. With our investments, however, more is possible, says Mister X.

According to Mister X, the system will last a very long time and this is really realistic, because with so-called SureBets can be proven to make a lot of money.

As a thank you you get the 6% yield per day . There is currently nothing comparable, which approximates this yield .

I have more questions who will answer me this?

This is where the community comes into play. This lives by questions of newcomers. You can inquire with each individual how it runs and really everyone is open-minded and helpful.

When does BetRobot pay?

The BetRobot pays out 6 times a day, namely at 3 o’clock, 7 o’clock, 11 o’clock, 7 o’clock and at 11 o’clock.

Let’s take the example with our 100 € investment .

  • We will receive 1 € each at the above times
  • After 24 hours we have then 6 €
  • After 48 hours 12 €
  • After 10 days 60 €
  • After 20 days 120 €
  • After 30 days 180 €

Important! If you pay 100 € as in this example , you can pay it back after the 30 days . The only thing you have access and you could pay out are the 6% you get day by day. Of course you can reinvest the 6 € you get every day . This increases the total value obtained at the end of the 30 days.

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