Who doesn’t want to earn 6% X 30 days and net a whopping profit of 80% in only one month



YES, YES, YES!!! Who doesn’t want to earn 6% X 30 days and net a whopping profit of 80% in only one month.

Like I said earlier, BE CAREFUL, or you could end up having so much fun that it may become addictive.

I can’t wait to sit at my computer each morning and see how much I have earned. You may forget to grab a cup of coffee before checking your account balance. But before going too far, let’s make some rules, OK?

  1. I like to withdraw 50% and reinvest 50% of my earnings on an alternate basis. This strategy allows you to enjoy an almost immediate income plus it allows your income to keep growing for as long the company is in business.
  2. The idea is to become risk-free. The same applies to any business.


  1. Download the Telegram app https://telegram.org/apps.
  2. The system will send a text message to your cell phone with a code number.
  3. Enter that code number and you should be done.
  4. Then click on my referral link: https://t.me/crypsybot?start=391858112

At this point, the Telegram app should open and on the left it should have one icon that says BetRobot. If you got to that point, you’re all set.

You can now click on the image on the left and maybe ask you to click “start” at the bottom of the app and then you will see all of the options to invest, withdraw, reinvest, history, my team and support. The invest button will give you a btc wallet address to send your funds to fund your account. Send whatever amount you want to start with as long as it is a minimum of 0.02 btc. It took several hours for Blockchain to send my funds so please be patient.

You can withdraw a minimum of 0.01 at any time but do not allow your account to go below 0.02 BTC.

This is the most fun you will ever have other than to spend the 6%/day.

BTW, the (optional) referral commissions are 15% for 1st level, 3% for 2nd level, and 2% for 3rd level referrals.

Enjoy! Yes, it is available internationally.

See the proof below: dated May 16, 2017

As you can see in the snapshot below, I started with 0.2 btc 18 days earlier and I have 12 days left to collect 6%/day.

I then added another 0.5 btc 2 days later and have 14 days remaining to collect 6%/day.

And then I am now reinvesting my earnings every day as you can also see in the snapshot below.


As you can also see in the snapshot below, I am now collecting 0.0296 btc every 4 hours (6 x/day) which is 0.1773 btc/day or about $310/day or over $9,000/month (plus referral commissions) and increasing daily. You can also see where I withdrew 0.42 btc today which is about $700/day in earnings (including referral commissions). Tomorrow I will reinvest about the same amount because I am alternating “compounding/withdrawing” every other day. This strategy allowed me to become risk-free and also allows me to continue growing as long as the business is successful.


This is the fastest money I have ever made and about half of it is passive income.

Do whatever you can to make some of this money but also remember to withdraw some of your earnings as time goes on to help prevent the loss of your money.

JOIN — https://t.me/crypsybot?start=391858112