I didn’t want to run today

I didn’t want to run today. I hadn’t slept well and I was too tired to run. I wanted to stay in bed with another cup of coffee. The twinge in my left leg was going to bother me for the whole run, I just knew it. I couldn’t stop thinking about that weird work email I got after 7 pm last night. I should go deal with that. The weight of life’s twists and turns were just too heavy to run with today.

So, I gave myself permission to not run.

Well, maybe I’d just run down the Embarcadero. It’d be a short, flat run. Better than nothing. I started running slowly down Market Street toward the bay. By the time I turned left at the Ferry Building I had forgotten about that little pain in my left leg. My breathing had slowed and I was moving easily to the rhythm of the song I was listening to. My legs felt tired from running up stairs yesterday, but strong at the same time. I felt like I could run at this pace for forever. I made a quick decision to turn left on Bay Street. And then another left.


I ran in direction of the steepest incline at every intersection in North Beach. Inevitably, I’d tell myself half way up that this would be the last one. I had to get to work. There was that email to deal with, after all. But then at the top, the next hill teased me. And the next. And the next. I ended up in China Town. And then back in North Beach. Four parrots squawked and flew over my head at the top of Russian Hill. I turned to run toward Columbus Avenue. It was a quick run downhill to my office from there. Then I turned again and ran back up Telegraph Hill.

What email?

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