Secret Underground Alien Base In Dulce, New Mexico!

At first glance, Dulce, New Mexico is simply a small town. It does not actually have a traffic light.

However, based on the most strange rumors, this particular small town is simply a cover on a gargantuan undercover service that is house to unthinkable experiments as well as technologies. For your tinfoil hat-wearers, there’s an entire world beneath Dulce. A top secret, high-tech packed with extraterrestrials.

We Wish to Believe

Based on a conspiracy theory, the actual Dulce undercover base is really a seven-story substance beneath Dulce, New Mexico. It is a home to human-animal, human-alien hybrids, as well as extremely superior technologies.

The gossips of alien involvement in the region started to obtain traction in the early 1970s when a previous New Mexico State Law enforcement trooper called Gabe Valdez recorded unusual cattle escarre in the area. Within a radio interview, Valdez stated, “The proof that was kept there, you understand, predators avoid leave fuel masks, shine sticks, radar chaff. They will not leave those things.”

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