Why I Joined The Movement

When I came to Cal, I was looking for a fun community that shared a passion for the performing arts. There were many different groups, but one dance group called The Movement stood out to me in particular. One day a friend of mine, who was a choreographer for The Movement, invited me to their showcase. After watching all the incredible sets, I was sold on joining The Movement.

My friend’s set that inspired me to join The Movement

The Movement prides itself on being a diverse dance group. Most dance groups specialize in one genre of dance, but The Movement is an organization with three different genres: hip hop, jazz/contemporary, and swing. But beyond being a dance group, The Movement became my core community at Cal that positively shaped much of my college experience. In this post, I want to share about why joining The Movement was such a formidable experience for me and why you should join.

1. The Movement is a community of talented and hardworking people.

When I joined The Movement, I was struck by the member’s dedication to create sets that were compelling and clean. On top of balancing essays, problem sets, and exams, The Movement dancers practiced many hours a week, often studying together after practices that ran into the night.

Many other groups on campus are purely focused on having fun and making friends. While The Movement thinks those things are important, we have an extremely high value for quality in everything we do. You will notice that immediately when you see our performance sets. By joining The Movement, you’ll find like-minded people building something bigger than any one individual, and that’s an incredibly rewarding experience.

My favorite swing set. Skill sprinkled with silliness.

2. We also know how to have a lot of fun.

If The Movement knows how to work hard, then we certainly know how to play hard. In your first couple of weeks in The Movement, you’ll make friends and laugh until your sides hurt. In fact, of the funniest people I know were from The Movement.

The Movement is very intentional about creating times where we can have fun and get to know one another. At our socials, I’ve met so many people from different dance styles, majors, and countries. At The Movement, one of our focuses is to make sure that our dancers are having fun, making friends, and building community.

A fun 90’s themed set that the leadership team put together

3. There are plenty of leadership and professional opportunities.

By joining The Movement, you’ll have many opportunities to lead and build relevant professional skills. The Movement has a leadership team called Core, made up of The Movement dancers that help keep the organization running. A couple of things Core has been able to accomplish in the past couple of years include creating a campus wide talent show, holding mixers that consistently sell out, and establishing partnerships with other dance groups on campus to coordinate showcases and workshops.

If you have a passion for choreography, then there are always opportunities to choreograph for Movement dancers. Choreographers are the face of The Movement, and because of their talent and hard work, many dancers look up to them. The Movement choreographers have full creative control over their dance and practice culture. In fact, we’ve had sets with themes featuring Scooby Doo to The Odyssey’s sirens. Whatever your vision for your set, you can find a way to express that by being a Movement choreographer.

The Scooby Doo set

The Movement will also offer you a network of people to vouch for you wherever you go. I’ve had the pleasure as Movement Chair of recommending my team members to various jobs and seeing them successfully get offers by leveraging their Movement network. I personally have successfully used my Movement experience multiple times in interviews to land job offers. By joining The Movement, you open many doors to valuable experiences throughout your time at Cal.

If you’re looking for a fun challenge, then joining The Movement will be one of the best choices you make in college.

When I think back to college, what stands out were all the experiences I had in The Movement. I remember all the hard work we put into sets and the fun moments we had, but I am mostly thankful for all the talented and unique friends that I made through The Movement.

So if you’re looking for an incredible group to join, look no further than The Movement.

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