Stop Condemning My Bitterness, Start Condemning The System
Dominique Matti

Great piece. Of course you are ‘bitter and angry,’ (a phrase coined by President Obama during his first campaign about working class white people, as I recall but I could be wrong, and boy, did he pay for it!) and why shouldn’t you be. Nobody enjoys being bitter or angry but how could you not be after being chronically “dehumanized,” as you say? People who condemn others for being ‘bitter and angry’ are part of this country’s idiotic politically correct sensibility and the even more egregious willful ignorance of what’s unpalatable about society.

I too am accused of being ‘bitter and angry’ (especially when talking or writing about racism and class inequality) as though it’s immoral. It’s even become un-PC to start a sentence with ‘I hate…’ At my daughter’s school, they’re concerned with students being ‘judgmental.’ When did it start to become a crime to state a forceful, perhaps angry, perhaps bitter, opinion that’s based on history and one’s own daily experience?

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