Hi, I’m sorry but there are so many responses that I really can’t keep up.
Zipporah Gene

I read your original piece about appropriation which I thought was great and raised a lot of interesting points. I also read some of your responses and I think what you’re writing about is really important and that you’re uncovering subjects that no one talks about that should be talked about. Which is why people are reacting so strongly. Very few people want to have a genuine conversation about uncomfortable truths nor do they want to face them nor do they want to listen or learn or think. I never write responses because of many of the reasons you state above, but I am so impressed by your guts and intelligence. I’m white so I can’t write from my own experience and I’m sure this will receive a barrage of vicious comments. At the same time, I do have a daughter who is African and I’m watching what she’s going through. She’s young, but already she’s been through so many of the things you’ve written about and she’s already sick of it. She is not going to let anyone choose her identity for her; she is going to figure it out for herself at her own pace. I also have or have had black friends or friends of color or whatever term you want to use who are from the West Indies or from different countries in Africa or they’re American and what you’re talking about is a huge issue that, as I said, no one talks about in public. Hence, nothing is going to change and no one is going to learn anything. I write about uncomfortable things regarding race and class and the venomous responses I get are really not helpful for me or anyone; I learn nothing I don’t already know and it’s entirely too personal. Anyway, I admire you tremendously and I look forward to reading more.

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