If Trump Were Black, Latino, Muslim, or Woman…

The game of ‘what if’ is invaluable; we play it often in our family of two. As we were watching the news the morning after the election, my black daughter turned to me and said, “Mom, why are you complaining? You’re white, what’s Trump going to do to you?” I said, “That’s true.”

My 14 year old daughter (who is adopted, if you’re wondering why I’m white and she’s black) and I have always talked about racism, the history of and what’s going on in the present — ad nauseam. Often she sighs and says, “Oh god, here she goes with another speech.” She gets sick of me explaining the ugly truth. Which I can understand. We often treat the ‘topic’ with irreverent humor since the absurdity of racism cannot be denied. I was raised with irreverent humor of the Jewish persuasion and, for me, humor is a way of life. It’s a quick way to unmask the aforementioned ugly truth.

This past week we have talked and talked and talked — and then some. Not with so much humor — a week after the election, my 14 black year old daughter is still terrified.

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