Telecommuting in 2016

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One of my favorite places to work on a nice day- the balcony office!

I entered the New York City workforce after graduating college in 2002, and although email, conference calling, and PDAs already had their place, it was very rare for someone to work remotely on a regular basis.

Despite the basic technology being available, getting set up for remote work was quite a hassle compared to today. Figuring out how to gain access to your work email from your home computer often meant a call with your IT department to walk you through the steps that non-techies could rarely figure out on their own. …

A few tips on how to select the right insurance for your web agency.

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Insurance. Just seeing or hearing the word triggers an automatic “brain off” switch in most of us. Our broker once half-jokingly suggested using our 200+ page policy document as a cure for insomnia. Even the idea of paying for insurance for a small business may seem like a waste of money. You pay thousands of dollars annually for something you probably won’t end up using, and if you do, your premiums will surely increase the following year.

However, whether we like it or not, insurance is…

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Most of us don’t like receiving negative feedback, whether it be at the workplace, or in our personal relationships. When faced with criticism, we instinctively raise our fists in an effort to defend ourselves from a bashing and keep our dignity intact. Giving criticism takes a certain amount of guts as well. Nobody wants to risk causing discord in a relationship, especially with someone we interact with daily, whether by choice or circumstance. Countless studies confirm these statements, pointing out that both givers and receivers loathe the annual performance review at the workplace.

Why, then, do so many companies still…

Betsy Fraisse-Bailey

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