Best Life Hack: Transform Note Taking During Meetings or Seminars!

One of my mentors taught me this. The amazing David Byrd who is my coach, mentor and friend. His book The Tripping Point in Leadership: Overcoming Organizational Apathy a short and inexpensive, but powerful book is a game changer. And most people have never heard of it!

How often have you gone into a meeting and or seminar, taken pages of notes and never looked at your notes again? Who has time, right? I will remember what I need to remember, is what I was always telling myself.

This transforming tip from David Byrd gave me one simple thing to do so I could TAKE ACTION following any meeting or seminar easily.

Draw a line down the center of the page. The left side is for your notes. The right side is for any thought, idea or action that is triggered by the notes, the action to take once you walk out of the meeting.

Now I can easily just go back to the right side of my notes and do what needs to be done. Try it.

Betsy Smith has her own business in anti-aging and brain health….learn how you can increase your memory, focus and energy.

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