Life Rx

We get all kinds of prescriptions for what ails us. We can get a prescription for a pharmaceutical, an exercise routine, a nutrition plan, the list is quite exhaustive. But do we actually do what is prescribed? And why not?

We live in a constant mental conundrum, a thought construct where we want to be told what to do, and yet we don’t want to do what we are told. And we are overwhelmed with the amount of information overload on what we “should” be doing for our best health. Somewhere in between those two is our own intuition, and our past, and our society, have both dictated that our intuition is not to be trusted.

I see this with my clients regularly. Lovely men and women who tell me with tears in their eyes that they think that perhaps they should go back to eating meat (sustainable and grass fed, of course!), but they worry about how their community or loved ones may perceive it. Clients who are exhausted because of excessive exercise and restrictive food rules who are literally starving for rest and nourishment. All the while they are looking outside of themselves for the answers, when what they need is to gather the tools to find it within.

Here is the Life Rx. Start with simply learning to listen. Sit down and close your eyes and notice the busy-ness of your mind. Notice the constant push and pull. Start right here, at the beginning. For 2 full minutes, just notice the noise in your mind. This is how you begin to develop the awareness to tap into what is behind all the spinning, and where the answers that you are seeking can be found.

This is your first prescription; do it daily for maximum benefits.

Betsy Weiner is a yoga teacher and Wellness Coach with over 15 years of experience. She loves travel, family, reading, cooking, music and the simple joy of being alive. She writes and blogs at