Prickly Heart

We tend to hold on to our pain and frustration and anger. We constantly remind ourselves of how we have been hurt or how we have been wronged. We tend to carry these around with us for so long that they become like barbs on our hearts. The message for this week is about forgiving. That word can create friction or even fear for some of us. We tell ourselves, “If we forgive, somehow that means we think it’s okay.” It’s not that it’s okay, friends. It’s that YOU are okay. Actually you are more than okay, you are ASTOUNDING! The courage is there, inside that prickly heart, to forgive whatever or whomever and set yourself FREE.

Holding on to hurt and anger only serves to keep us stuck and in a place of being victimized. When we forgive, we reclaim our power and stay in the space of not allowing anyone or anything to pull us off center. It’s not that we have to forget, it’s that the story is no longer our defining part of ourselves and by forgiving we reclaim our own power.

6 Steps to Forgiveness:

1) Think about what you are holding on to; where do you feel it in your body, how does it feel, experience it fully.

2) Take a few deep breaths and see how this experience or this person has informed who you are today.

3) Take yourself into the space of forgiving by offering compassion and gratitude for the part of yourself that held on to what has been plaguing you.

4) Sense that you are infinitely powerful, aligned with Source, and from this place, you have the ability to forgive anything, you are mightier than the experience.

5) Breathe deeply and visualize yourself letting it go into the Universe; remember it can handle whatever you give it!

6) See yourself as healed, complete and whole, unfettered and liberated.

In your best health and with love,