Better Ride — The Best Yellowstone Cab Booking App in Your Pocket

Taxi services has become the most essential way of transportation in all the cities across the world. Most of the people hail taxi service for their daily transportation or to travel around. The Taxicab Fact Book 2014 has recorded that taxis serve around 600,000 passengers every day and 236 million per year in New York City.
Although people can simply hail a taxi at street side, but it also causes many unavoidable problems for the. For instance, overcharging, drivers refusing to take passengers, taking a detour for higher fare, arguing about fare, long waiting time, etc.

If you’re looking for an efficient Yellowstone cab booking platform that is integrated with easy-to-use features that saves your time as well as money, the Better Ride app is the answer. The Better Ride is an on-demand transportation service app that enables you to book a Yellowstone cab right from your Smartphone.

Booking a ride can be done 24/7 and anywhere of Sioux Land, Sioux Falls, Iowa, Nebraska, Minneapolis and Dakota Dunes. The app also provides you a set of tools that will make your travel experience better.

No more refusing of ride request to unfamiliar destination. You can make the decision where to pick up and drop off on the map before booking the cab. You can see the location of the approaching vehicle, details of the drivers and vehicle in addition the estimated time of arrival. It is surge free guaranteed. The estimated fare is calculated based on time and distance.

This app has integrated easier payment methods, where the charges of the services can be paid through credit cards. The credit card information can be saved within the app to facilitate future trips. You can pay by using cash directly to driver as well.

Now, you can request a ride by selecting your preferred vehicles that excellently suit your schedule and requirement such as business trip, family vacation or daily transportation. The licensed and experienced driver will be dispatched to your doorstep.

Furthermore, you can save your travel cost while riding with the Better Ride app. Refer the app to your beloved ones and you can earn more rewards like free rides and discount on fare. You will get some amazing off price on your next trip.

The Better Ride associates all transportation services in one app to make your life easier in hailing a Yellowstone cab. Download it from the App Store or Google Play.