Getting Started in Better Habits

Every great journey starts with a single step… and the process of personal development is nothing short of a great journey.

Getting started in Better Habits is as simple as choosing something you would like to focus on. Try to choose something that you can focus on daily rather than a set goal in the future. Think ‘running’ not ‘run a race’.

Tap the ‘+’ button to add a habit.

While creating a habit, you will need to set its Difficulty, Frequency, Reminders, and a few other options. To learn more about these settings, tap the ‘?’ next to their name within the app.

Once you finish creating your habit, you simply tap the action button every time you do it. This can be done on the Active View, Update View, Today Widget, Force Touch, or via a Notification Action.

If you want to record the action multiple times per day, you just tap the action button every time you perform the habit and it will fill up like a pie.

Watch the Getting Started video

As you perform actions day after day, you will start to notice changes in the way your habit looks. These are your statistics ‘growing’ as you progress. Probably the most obvious one is the progress bar.

You will notice your progress growing as you perform, easy right? Not so fast, when you stop performing, it shrinks. “Say what?!” Yep, this is what we call ‘Living Progress’, it’s designed to model the way real habit formation works. Forgiving, but not easy.

Better Habits is known for giving you an elegant display of your data, designed to encourage you, not bombard you. This data includes Streaks, Attempts, Journey Graph, and a few others.

So can you actually form a new habit using an app? Better Habits can sure help, but ultimately, that is up to you. It’s not easy to form a new habit or to change an old one. It takes motivation, encouragement along the way, and most of all, persistence. Change is hard, Better Habits can help, and I for one, believe in you.