Personality Quiz and Matching Explained

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How does the personality quiz work? How does Better Off decide who to put together for brunch tables or group experiences (e.g. hiking, book clubs, etc)?

Here’s how we use the personality quiz and matching to give our users the best personalized Better Off experience:

First things first, the personality quiz is just a starting point. Similar to the way that Netflix asks you what types of movies you like when you sign up, we want to know what kind of people and experiences you like. But we don’t stop there — we pay attention to the types of people you really enjoy hanging out with, and the types experiences you seem most interested in.

That’s how we figure out how to put you with people you’ll connect with the most, and introduce you to fun group experiences that you’ll love!

The Brunch Table Personality Quiz

Some people are creatives or free spirits, some are super intellectual, while others are adventurous thrill-seekers. There’s really an infinite combination of different types of people — which is great, but also means you can’t just walk into a room of random people and assume you’ll find someone you want to backpack across Europe with.

So, we try to take some of the randomness out by using our personality quiz to give us a head start. It’s balanced between giving us some useful information while at the same time only taking a few minutes.

We ask you a number of questions to get to know what types of things you like — intrinsic parts of your personality, your hobbies and interests, as well as your demographic background. And we use that and some other variables to put you with a group of people you’ll have a great connection with.

Not Just the Quiz

Better Off doesn’t just use the personality quiz — we also learn from how you use the app.

If you didn’t think you were very outdoorsy, but you’re having a blast with a bunch of super outdoorsy people going ice climbing and white water rafting during the weekends, we’ll notice and put you in groups with more adventurous people, and probably show you more adventurous experiences as well. The same goes for all other types of people and activities.

But we’ll never pigeon-hole you with people — you’ll always be meeting interesting new people with a variety of interests when you join for a brunch or experience.

Creating an Amazing Community

What’s the goal? For everyone to have incredible people and experience in their lives so they never feel like they’re settling.

We use technology in so many different aspects of our lives, but haven’t applied it to IRL community — hanging out with people you actually feel connected to and interested in. Better Off is trying to change that.

Join Better Off for some great brunches and experiences and kickstart your social life.



Better Off Brunching

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