What are Better Off Experiences?

Better Off Brunching
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Better Off runs amazing social brunches — but there’s also some amazing other experiences!

For us, the best community comes from meeting an incredible group of people, then going on fun adventures with them.

Social brunches are a great start to meeting some interesting new people, but then we offer fun group experiences like salsa dancing, camping trips, park picnics, concerts, volleyball leagues, and more. It makes it easier to build a network of great people.

Here’s how it all works:

Why Brunch?

Before you can join for the experiences, you have to join for a brunch. Why?

Because Better Off creates amazing communities, it’s not just another events listing. We want people to be able to talk and connect with a group before going on big group experiences together because it’s

Here’s why we start with brunch:

1) Low commitment — it’s only an hour and a half out of your afternoon on a weekend, most people can do that

2) Super social — brunch is a great environment to get to know everyone and a 6–10 person group is ideal

3) Everyone eats — this isn’t a soccer league or karaoke night, brunch is something everyone can do

And once you’ve joined for a brunch, you’ll have a whole group of people that you can join different experiences with, so you don’t have to feel weird about going to them alone.

How Experiences Work

After you’ve joined for a brunch, now you’re able to take part in all the Better Off experiences. From museum tours to backpacking trips to sports leagues to sushi making classes, and much more, it’s a fun opportunity to do something you’re interested in with your friends from brunch and elsewhere.

Growing Your Community and Finding New Experiences

The nice thing about Better Off is you never have to stop meeting new people. When you go on a group experience — some of the people may be friends you already know, and some of the people may be fun people who share your interests that we think you’ll connect with.

And you can join for as many brunches as you want, and as many experiences as you want.



Better Off Brunching

We run huge social brunches, fun group experiences (ski trips, museum happy hours, trivia nights, etc) and curate an incredible community. Request an invite!