How to secure your passwords automatically using Lastpass (relevant for you if you use the same password on multiple websites)

Yahoo was just hacked for another billion accounts.

Goal: reduce the risk that an account you care about (e.g. email with sensitive information, bank account with financial stuff)

This is relevant for you if a) you don’t use a password manager and you have the same password on multiple websites, including sensitive ones

If you only have 2–3 passwords that are the same, then it’s probably easier to do it manually. In that case, just sign up for 1Password, and go and change your passwords manually.

Steps for automatic password updating if you have lots of passwords that you need to update

  1. Download and install Lastpass
  2. Start visiting websites and logging in, then say Yes when lastpass asks if it should save your password (log out if you’re already logged in)
  3. Once you’ve saved most of your passwords, click the Lastpass toolbar button in your browser, then click tools/other options, then click security audit
  4. The security audit will scan and see which sites you use the same password for.
  5. Then, and this is the best part, you can select all the passwords, and in the security audit page you can click to tell lastpass to go and change them for you automatically. It will then update your saved passwords for you.
  6. That’s it. At this point you can switch to 1Password if you want, and export your lastpass passwords, or you can keep using 1Password
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