The Real Reason Women Quit Tech (and How to Address It)
Rachel Thomas

My co-founder is a woman and she’s younger than me. She earns shit loads. I still earn more but that’s because the work I do is more valuable than the work she does. She’s more replaceable.

If the roles were reversed, she would earn more than me and she would contribute more to the company than me.

I read this entire article with 2 thoughts “not another one” and “alright, let’s hear her out”. All I heard was yet another well written, well thought out, well researched article on why women have it worse than men.

Let me explain something to you. While you spent at least a week writing this, a further accumulative week responding to comments and questions, your fellow female competition just spent a week learning a new skill, went to a networking evening or learned how to negotiate her way onto a better project.

I’m not saying it’s not a problem. It is. But it’s funny how it’s not a problem to every female in tech or otherwise. Some figure it out and do great.

What did they have in common? None of them spent weeks moaning about it on the internet. The answer is in your article.

The answer is your article. Stop moaning about how life isn’t fair and do something about it!