— Paul Watmough

Paul Watmough

Who are you?

Paul Watmough, Brooklyn Bob, notfrombrooklyn — My name is Paul but some call me Bob. I am a British freelance designer living in Hamburg Germany.

What do you do?

I build digital brands with friends and an extensive network of amazing people. My work has taken me across many countries and on some crazy journeys so far. From LA to Berlin, London to Amsterdam the adventures never stop. My work has been featured on many blogs, in design books and revered design magazines. I have written for the ADC and taught design at the awarded Miami Ad School. I am crazy in love with design, storytelling and digital branding. I have been lucky enough to work with some amazing companies, people and agencies along the way.

NEON Campaign Design

What have you done lately that you’re proud of?

For the past year I worked on a project called Funk, we were a small team that included Peter Felhler, Claus Jacobsen, Bertram Gugel, Javier García Martín, Christopher Hegenberg, Lukas Bischoff, working with our client in Mainz and our development team in Berlin. The object was to create a new youth channel for a young Germany, it must be relevant and authentic in its delivery of content. We created an app and an entire brand system that would deliver cultural news and exclusive content. We worked holistically across all media landscapes to produce the Funk Brand experience.

FUNK Digital Branding

You can check out the case here …

What’s your secret talent?

Being able to take a step back and be objective during the design process. Being able to see the bigger picture but still focusing on the details.

Hopster Logo Design

Why freelancing?

I went freelance about 10 years ago, the reason … well to meet more people, travel, be inspired and constantly learn and see new things. When you break out of those 4 walls its always surprising what you will find beyond them.

Flashh Boulder Gym Branding

What’s your future plan look like?

Today I will enjoy Hamburg … will still be doing the same next week. As for the year ahead! collaborations, travels, new projects, meeting like minded inspiring people and generally being creative in some shape or form, i think that for me would be a pretty good 2017.

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