Success starts with adopting the right mindset, perspective, and outlook.

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How can you best set yourself up for success in your new role or change in career path? Success starts with adopting the right mindset, perspective, and outlook.

I’ve recently mustered up the courage to pursue a new career path and have learned that in order to set myself up for success, I had to shift my mindset. Maybe you’re also finding yourself at a similar point in your career path, where after months or years of really trying to stick it out, you really were not able to feel like you were completely fulfilled.

Speaking from first-hand experience, I…

A 3-step action plan to build self-confidence that lasts for a lifetime

True confidence is something you can’t fake. You know deep down inside, that to truly build and develop lasting confidence, you need to do more than just act like you’re the sh!t — you need to embody the skills, traits, and characteristics that you desire.

Low or wavering confidence could negatively affect many aspects of your life, whether it be dating, friendships, or your career. It can impact how you navigate in social situations, decision making, and your performance at work. …

How being in quarantine has an impact on our social interactions with others

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Now more than ever, our interactions with the world, especially those that occur in-person are ever more impactful and important. Last weekend my husband and I went to the grocery store. I was filled with excitement (I now understand the joy that fills a dog’s eyes each time they get to go outside for a walk).

We got dressed, drove to the store and joined the line to get in, waiting in the Stand Here-indicated spaces. …

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Riddle me this…what makes people feel super uncomfortable speaking about, comes in multiple forms and has the power to destroy the most valued and strong relationships? If you guessed money, then you are CORRECT. My one friend who used to do a lot of debt counselling once told me that one of the most common reasons for divorce was… money. Money can destroy relationships, it can create unforeseen problems between many couples, even family and friends.

In today’s North American society, talking about money…salaries…and debt is so taboo. Many people in relationships don’t freely open up about their spiralling debt…

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Many of us have started to live a life of routine. You wake up, eat breakfast, hop in your car and head over to work. You complete your tasks for the day, come home, fix yourself some dinner, sleep and do the same thing the next day. Although routine is comfortable and necessary for some, it can cause us to fall into a robotic state where we become less conscious of our day to day decisions and therefore sadly live less intentionally.

Once we’ve been accustomed to repetitive decision making, we slowly stop questioning ourselves and the way we go…

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I’m sure we’ve all been there before; feeling like the world or “the universe” is completely against us. People are rude to us, we’re stuck in a toxic relationship and oh, you’ve probably just missed the train that will cause to be an hour late for work. Dear Universe, why you gotta be so cruel?!

I used to feel like this in my teenage years — a lot. …

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Life comes in ebbs and flows, and is filled with highs and lows that are all inevitable to us all. I’ve spent a great chunk of my time a couple years ago in what I would categorize as a “low” period. Things weren’t flourishing, coming together, and I was experiencing more challenges and setbacks than wins. It was definitely a frustrating, sad and dark period in my life. However, following this period, I’ve been fortunate enough to be living in a state of “high”. I recently completed my MBA, I have a new job on the way and the cherry…

Emily Villa

I’m passionate about self growth and development. I write about how to navigate through the challenges of being human.

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