How to Have a Healthier Brain

Bett Harris
Sep 17 · 2 min read
Image by ElisaRiva from Pixabay

One — learn something new

This can be anything from learning to use chopsticks, or our mouse with our non-dominant hand, to something far more challenging like learning a dance routine, a new language, or to play an instrument.

Learning creates new pathways in our brain.

Repetition trods down the pathways making them more easily accessible until eventually, they become permanent.

This translates to brain growth and leads to healthier more resilient brains.

Two — cross crawl

Cross crawl is any activity that co-ordinates actions using the contralateral planes of the body. Walking is the best and easiest example of cross crawling. When we walk we swing our arms opposite to our legs. Our right arm will naturally swing forward when our left leg is back and vice versa.

This action, repeated over and over, helps to integrate and synchronize the two hemispheres of the brain.

This helps to keep all the lines of communication open and enhances whole-brain thinking.

Cross crawl is part of an overall exercise called Brain Gym.

Three — memorize something big

I memorize scripture but anything that is substantial like a speech or poem will work. I suggest something with between 50 and 100 words to start, however, if this is too daunting you can start smaller.

Memorization helps train our brain to remember things.

Choose something uplifting that leans into topics such as gratitude, charity, forgiveness, and love. We repeat our mantra daily, or even multiple times each day until we feel we have mastered it. Then we move on to the next piece, and so on, and so on…

Rememeber to never stop learning!

The above activities are known to improve both the physical and psychological aspects of brain health. In other words, these activities will enhance our gray matter and our mood. Start one or all of these activities today and enjoy better all-around health for years to come.

Bett Harris

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Previously a nurse, massage therapist, and educator. Now retired. Jesus lover. I write sometimes. It soothes my soul.

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