15 Days to Go: Turning 50! 50 GlowTips I’m sharing to Spread the Glow!

Bettina Moss
Dec 17, 2014 · 4 min read

15 Days to go until I turn 50! So I’ve decided to share 50 GlowTips to Get Your Glow ON — one per day, in no particular order of importance and just as they come to me…

And here’s GlowTip 36: It’s not about work and/or Life — it’s all Life! So why not enjoy it all?

People often talk about Work/Life Balance, but I’m not a big fan of the term. It doesn’t actually make any sense to me. Because while we’re alive in this lifetime — we only have this Life! This is it!

It’s not about work and/or Life — it’s all Life. Work is part of Life. So why not enjoy it all?!

Most of us seem to be so busy going from A to B, getting stuff done and collapsing exhausted at the end of the day; only to wake up the next morning and start doing it all over again. How exhausting!

We’re so caught up in rushing through life and living by other people’s rules, that we don’t pay much attention to what we really want, or even think that it’s possible for us.

But why drag yourself through 50 weeks of the year, only to limp, exhausted and drained to the ‘finish line’? Life’s not about ‘hanging on’ until your two week holiday. Who really wants to live like that?!

I don’t want to live by default. I prefer to create my life by design. I want to enjoy my life! And I design my life in a way that makes me happy.

I don’t believe that fun and joy is only for weekends and holidays. I choose to do work that energises and inspires me. I only work with people I like. I choose to share my creativity and inspiration. I choose to make work an enjoyable part of my life. And that doesn’t happen on Monday to Friday from 9–5!

This life is all that we have. And work and everything else that we need to do is all a part of our journey. So the best way to create our joyful journey is to create our lives around the things that are really important to us — our values and our priorities.

I like to start my day with a run. I need to work with people I respect. I like to take time out at the beach in summer. I need to work in my own space. I need quiet time on my own. I need to laugh and have fun.
These are some of the things that energise and inspire me. I’ve made them a priority. And they are are non-negotiable. So I’ve designed my life around them. And I’m happy to say it’s working out very well!

I understand that not everyone is brave enough to take charge of their own lives, by their own design. But for me, there was no alternative — I couldn’t do it any other way! I didn’t want to feel like I was slowly dying. I want to enjoy living!

It is possible, no matter how many responsibilities you have, to design and live a life that you love! You may not be able to do everything as quickly, or as much, but you certainly CAN and must make time to include the things that make you happy.

Work/Life balance is a concept that doesn’t do it for me. I don’t have to balance my work with the Good Stuff. Because it’s all part of the Good Stuff!

I do spend a lot of my time working. Every day and at all sorts of hours. Not only when I have to, but also whenever I feel like it. I don’t really think of it as work —I’m doing what I enjoy and it’s just another expression of Me.

I’ve designed my life around what I enjoy. And it allows me to share more of the Good Stuff!

So if you’re feeling like you’re out of balance and wishing you had “more of a life” — then why not create a life that you enjoy? Try adding more Life into your work — and adding some work into your Life!

Work, Fun, Love, Life — it’s all one and it’s All Good. For me, that’s non-negotiable!

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