2 Days to Go: Turning 50! 50 GlowTips I’m sharing to Spread the Glow!

Bettina Moss
Dec 30, 2014 · 4 min read

2 Days to go until I turn 50! So I’ve decided to share 50 GlowTips to Get Your Glow ON — one per day, in no particular order of importance and just as they come to me…

And here’s GlowTip 49: You can’t struggle your way to the Good Stuff — have FUN while you’re getting it done!

You’re not here to struggle through life — fighting one battle after another, just “trying to survive”!

You can spend your life fighting with your hair, shouting at your kids, arguing with your boss, or your clients, or the person who “stole” your parking place, or cut in front of you in the queue. But how is that making your life any better?

We’ve been taught to ‘fight for what you want’, ‘fight back’, ‘fight the good fight’, ‘keep fighting’ , ‘soldier on’ and ‘beat the competition’.

But Life is not a battlefield. And you don’t have to “Suck it up, soldier”!

You can’t battle your way to the Good Stuff!

Do you know what happens when we decide to “struggle on”? We get more of what we decide! Yep — more struggling! There’s never a happy ending to an unhappy journey. You can’t struggle your way to Love, Happiness and Joy!

At one point in my life I remember getting out of bed each weekday morning, and mentally pulling on my suit of armour, before clunk, clunk, clunking my way into my office, ready to ‘do battle’ with the day ahead. It was exhausting and debilitating.

Thankfully I realised that it wasn’t any fun and decided to enjoy my life instead! I gave up fighting with myself and decided to choose what felt good to me. And immediately, things started to improve.

We’re a lot more inspired, creative and productive when we’re enjoying ourselves! And the more we enjoy ourselves, the better life gets!

If you’re struggling, fighting, forcing and insisting your way through life and thinking it’s enough already. Then please — give it up already!

Of course we all have tough stuff that we need to face. But you can’t fight your way to a joyful life!

You don’t have to ‘beat the competition’ and ‘fight your way to the top’. You don’t have to argue and fight to prove that you’re better, or that others are wrong. You can elevate yourself and rise gracefully above it. You are more than enough and there is more than enough!

And you’ll find it a lot less stressful and a lot more joyful when you take off your armour, put down your weapons, drop your defences and approach life openly, playfully and creatively.
No matter what or who you’re dealing with — you can always have fun while you’re getting it done!

If you’re wishing that life would get easier, or thinking that there’s got to be an easier way –then you’re absolutely right. There is always an easier way. But you’ve got to take it easy!

You’ve got to bring fun, laughter and joy to whatever situation you’re in.

Life doesn’t have to be one, long, exhausting obstacle course that you need to struggle through to survive. You’ll find it a lot easier to laugh and play your way through!

Battling along in the war zone is harsh and unrewarding. I prefer to think of life as a playground. I’d rather enjoy myself and play my way around!

Hanging on the monkey bars, shwooshing down the slide, swinging high up in the air, going as fast as I can on the roundabouts, feeling dizzy, stopping for a while, and then going around the other way. Yes, we fall down, we graze ourselves, sometimes we even break a few bones…but we’re not having an awful time. We’re playing, having fun and enjoying ourselves!

You’re not here to be miserable! You’re here to express your passion, to share your gifts and talents with the world, to do what blows your hair back, floats your boat and makes you feel it’s good to be alive!

This is your Wonderful Life! Not tomorrow, or at the weekend, or your annual two-week holiday, or when you retire. Right here, right now, in every moment that you’re breathing. You’re here, you’re alive — so why not enjoy it?!

If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong!

Do what makes you happy, share your Love and Laughter, play, create and share more of the Good Stuff and Get your Glow ON!

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