20 Days to Go: Turning 50! 50 GlowTips I’m sharing to Spread the Glow!

20 Days to go until I turn 50! So I’ve decided to share 50 GlowTips to Get Your Glow ON — one per day, in no particular order of importance and just as they come to me…

And here’s GlowTip 31: Our ‘Me-Time’ is not a “nice-to-have” — it’s an essential priority!

Years ago when we were running our ad agency, our business had started to take off and was outgrowing our capacity. We were working days/nights/weekends/holidays. It was relentless and stressful and we were pushing ourselves way too hard.

Our financial advisor came over one evening. He wanted us to buy medical policies. I didn’t need persuading.

“Great! Where do I sign?”, I asked.

“Finally — now I can have my nervous breakdown!”.

“Afraid not”, he said. ‘That’s not covered by the policy.”

I whimpered. …I’d been imagining taking 3 months off at a spa in Switzerland to recuperate…

“What do you mean not covered?! What kind of a policy is that?”, I ranted.
“I really need time out!”

And as I heard those words coming out of my mouth I realised I didn’t need a breakdown — all I needed was a break!

It’s crazy how we think we can keep going like machines for 50 weeks of the year, till we limp to the finish and collapse for our 2 week break.

It’s absolutely crucial that we take time out for ourselves regularly. And that we do the things we love to do! The things that make us happy. And the things that make us feel inspired, enthusiastic and alive!

Because we all need down-time to fuel UP!

We all have responsibilities and people depending on us. And I know it’s especially hard for working mothers. But if we keep going, without fuelling up — we soon find we’re running on empty. And then….sputter…sputter….we’re exhausted… we’re short-tempered, we run out of oomph and sometimes we break down. And then what good are we to anybody else?

If you’re not making time for yourself, then it’s time to realise how important you are. Because no-one needs you more than you do!

Our ‘Me-Time’ is not a “nice-to-have” — it’s an essential priority! And we need it regularly. Even if we don’t think we can spare the time — we’ve got to take the time. And even if we feel guilty — we’ve got to get over it! Because we can’t give what we don’t have. So how can we share the best of ourselves, when we don’t give the best to ourselves.

Take time out just for you and do the things you love to do! And you’ll have more energy to do the things that Life demands of you.

Committing to yourself is far from selfish. When you’re fueled UP with passion, inspiration and enthusiasm for Life, everyone benefits as you’re Spreading the Glow!

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