Fairytale Prisoner by Choice: The Photographic Eye of Melania Trump
Kate Imbach

While the implication of Melania Trump’s living arrangements on taxpayers annoys me on a minute-by-minute basis, this article — and it’s attempt to explain someone through snippets of their social media profile — makes me profoundly uncomfortable.

While an interesting perspective and a fascinating exercise, it is speculation and should be clarified as such. It certainly is frustrating to have such a public figure shrouded in mystery, we’re all grasping for straws here to make sense of it, but I would caution anyone from making blanket statements on her personhood through what she chooses to display on social media.

In fact, I doubt anyone on here can claim to make accurate statements about someone else’s life based on just a social media profile, after all, we tend to present our ideal selves to the world. At the most, all we can say is that these pictures present times when she had a camera phone on hand.