How I save money living in London in 2016.


Saving money can be difficult. It requires dedication and will power. When you have a spare £80 at the end of the month you should bank it right in that ISA. If you’re anything like me that is easier said than done. Perhaps you’re invited out by friends, you should decline with saving money in mind but you don’t and there goes the £80. We have all been there.

It is hard(er) to save when it means not spending. This is the problem I have managed to solve recently.

I have saved £5000 over the last 7 months, which is incredible for me, personally. The interesting thing that makes this different from traditional saving is I didn’t save any of my monthly wage to do it. I carried on spending as I normally would, saying yes to every invitation but still saved £5000.


I made the £5000 as a second income and refused to spend a penny of it. Even when I was ‘broke’ and had spent almost my entire monthly wage I refused to dip into my second income. The not spending my second income part is key to achieving my goal of actually building up savings. For it to work I had to separate my wage and my second income both in terms the bank accounts used for each and also in terms of the way I thought of them. Wage was for living / Second Income was for saving.

The thought of spending my second income didn’t enter my mind as much as I thought it would. I had my monthly wage to survive on, it’s all I had available previously and I was perfectly happily before I started earning a second income. At the end of the month, if I had a particularly expensive month and was feeling the pinch, I ate beans on toast for lunch instead of a Pret salad, I didn’t go out to the pub, and I would avoid eating out. I employed all the usual cost saving techniques. Savings I would have had to do anyway if I had just my wage to live on.

The amount of time I invested in a second income was also important to me. I figured I didn’t want to set up some business that ate my time and made no cash. I wasn’t trying to start a business I just wanted to make a few extra quid. I wanted to work a maximum of 4 hours a week, I wanted freedom to work from home, or anywhere with an internet connection. I figured whatever I did it needs to be internet based. Having researched options I discovered a service claiming to show people to make money online by taking advantage of bookmaker bonuses and offers. I was sceptical but after a bit of digging I found it to be perfectly legit and legal. So I started to generate a second income using Matched Betting and to be honest it is really easy, no matter what walk of life you’re from. With no tax on earnings I had found a perfect solution to my no savings problem.

I spend about 4–6 hours a week matched betting and it is enough to earn between £500 and £1000 a month. I do it when I want to, that is the best bit. If I don’t want to I don’t have to. If I’m on holiday for a week, I can leave it, no questions asked. It is like having an eBay shop without dealing with customers or holding an amazingly profitable garage sale every month. It just works. I save my tax free earnings each month into a separate bank account and live off my monthly wage and watch my savings grow (for the first time ever).

If you’re thinking how does this second income method work? I’ve put a useful link at the bottom of the page.

With my second income earning money nicely and with keeping my monthly and second income in completely separate bank accounts, I had set up a system that I was finally able to stick to. Never before in my life (I’m 31) have I been able to save. Mainly because I’m terrible at not spending my entire wage every month, there are so many fun things to do in London and of course rent is sky high.

If you have trouble saving then I would say try this second income approach. You can use any method you choose to generate a second income, just make sure it doesn’t take up too much time and fits all your own personal criteria. This method of saving totally works for me so I don’t know why it wouldn’t for you.

You can learn more about matched betting and how it works at

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